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Planning A Run

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Let GRW host your next race!!


GRW will create the entry form and handle all the registration duties.  These duties include data entry, online registration set-up, and tracking money and expenses. Final payment will be made to your organization within one month after the race date. Records are kept on a Income & Expense Summary Spreadsheet that your organization will be provided with final race proceeds.  


GRW can handle creating and ordering your race shirts.  If GRW takes on this responsibility, all designs will be approved by your organization.  GRW uses Willie's Ts in Brownwood because this is where we have received the best price, service, and quality.  Your organization is welcome to handle your own event shirts and use whomever you would like.  If your organization chooses to handle the shirts, they will need to be delivered to GRW by a pre-determined date so that participant bags can be completed.

Participant Bags

GRW will handle the stuffing of all participant bags.  Your organization will be in charge of getting any donations for the bags and the bags themselves.  If you do not get bags donated GRW will order bags and the cost will be taken out as an expense on your Income & Expense Summary.


GRW will help you every step of the way with sponsors.  However, we do not actually solicit sponsorships for your organization.  We have pre-determined sponsorship levels and guidelines for your organization to use.  GRW will require that a Sponsorship Form be submitted with every donation collected.  This is for record keeping purposes.  GRW will take care of mailing receipts, appreciation certificates, t-shirts, and sponsorship posters for the psonsors.  GRW will get thank you notes ready for your organization to sign and mail after the race.

Run Course

GRW has three mapped courses in Comanche, TX.  GRW will work with organizations in other locations to determine a course.  GRW will mark the course for race day.  Your organization will be responsible for obtaining cones and/or traffic barricades for the course.  These can be borrowed from the highway department and will need to be arranged before the race.

Course Volunteers

Your organization will provide the volunteers to direct traffic on race day.  GRW will provide you with a detailed map of where volunteers need to be stationed.  It is suggested that you have a volunteer at any turn along the course.  If a volunteer will not be there then a cone or an arrow needs to be available.  The better your course is set-up, the better turn-out you will have for future races, and less complaints.  GRW always receives compliments on our courses!!  You can expect to need approximately 15-20 volunteers for the race, depending on the course that you choose.  Your organization will need to notify the city and ask for barricades, if needed, for race day.

Water Stops

Your organization will need to provide the volunteers and tables for the water stop.  GRW has two 10 gallon coolers and will provide cups.  Your organization will need to fill the coolers with water and ice and get them to the water station before the race begins. Water station volunteers will also need to pick up all trash when the race is complete. 

Course Leader/Follower

GRW normally provides lead/follow vehicles through a donation of Clark Tractor for runs in Comanche, TX.  Your organization will need to drive those vehicles and those volunteers will need to help GRW get them to the race location on race day.  If your race will not be held in Comanche, then your organization will be responsible for lead/follow vehicles.  ATV type vehicles normally work best.

Chip Timing

GRW will handle securing chip timing for the race.  GRW uses Race Day Event Services. This expense will be deducted from the total expenses.  Race Day Event Services will promote the race in weekly e-blasts, website calendar listings and Facebook events.  Race Day will take care of run results for the awards ceremony and send out individualized results emails to participants.  Race Day also provides music and a PA system for the event.

Race Promotion

GRW will handle race promotion, but the more promotion your organization provides the better turn-out you will have.  GRW will list your event on several free race calendar websites, Facebook events, and the local newspaper. All promotion materials will state that the race benefits your organization.

Awards & Medals

GRW will order medals for your run and this will come out of the total expenses for your event.  Your organization will be in charge of the awards ceremony. This  of making sure you have someone to announce the awards and someone to hand them out to participants.  Also, remember to thank your sponsors.


GRW is here to help you every step of the way with planning your race.  We are two organizations that are working together.  GRW retains 10% of your total registration proceeds in their operating fund.  Tnis is to help with administrative expenses that are incurred to help organizations put on their race.  GRW will not take sponsorship proceeds.  Your organization is who the business agreed to support and we do not want to take their money away from you.  GRW will provide you with checklists and helpful hints along the way and of course, we are always here for questions.

Date Selection

GRW will work with your organization when selecting a date for your race, but it must fit within the GRW race calendar.  GRW holds several runs a year that benefit local organizations.  Because we are a small community we want to choose a date that works for your organization to optimize your total profit.  GRW runs are held in March, May, September, October and December, annually. If you are not working with one of these dates then we will need to schedule your organization's run around those times.  GRW is also aware of many neighboring towns that have runs annually.  To improve your turnout, we will not schedule runs on coinciding dates.

Contact us today and let's get started planning your event!!!

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